My 1st Blog Post!

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My 1st blog post!   My journey of golf shows has started…Tinley Park on Friday, 2-7 and Madison Saturday, 2-8. I shop myself around showing samples of my photography to the various course which have booths at the shows. Generally,I’m greeted with a hospitable welcome and even if the course doesn’t need my services because of budget or prior photographer commitments, I get a chance to chat with the people in the booth. Today in Madison, which is a very small show, one gentleman, with no one at his booth, shooed me away with the rather terse “I’m working the show, I don’t want to see that now!” Golf is a service/people industry and  you would think that the people who man a booth attempting to get new golfers to come to their course would  have better skills. Oh well. I always am aware of not interrupting potential golfers andI actually have it built into my unscripted spiel: ” I’ll let you get back to you paying customers...

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